Wednesday, October 14, 2009

July 19th,2009---Adventure to Surya Bakery

I was in India on that day, that too in Bangalore. Actually I went to Hosur to see our house once as we have to get a new tenant. I spent 18th in Hosur and as per my plan I have to meet my two friends in Bangalore on 19th. Fortunately I wasn’t lonely on my journey to Bangalore as Sarathy came to Hosur and both of us reached Majestic Bus station at correct time and waited more than one hour for Rajkumar. After RajKumar came we had our very bad breakfast but we enjoyed it with our talks and laughs.

I have to deliver one parcel to my sister’s friend house so that it will reach her in Connecticut. Even though am not clear about the address, accepted the task keeping the support of my two friends in mind. Discussed the same with both of them and found out that none of us know that place. We had taken a prepaid auto to “VIDYARANYAPURA” travelled for more than 1 hr to reach that area. There started our struggle and difficulty to trace the house. We weren’t that lucky that day, my sis’s friend is not at home so her mom guided us to reach the house.We asked her the land mark she told us to reach SURYA BAKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to reach that bakery??????????? No body knows that bakery. Auto guy tired with our search and shouted at us to get down, am totally disturbed as my two friends are also suffering because of me. I given up completely and decided to courier it and go back.But they didn't gave up. We reached Surya Bakery with a great pain and auto vala left us to our fate. I called my sis’s friend mom many times and even she was worried but she wasn’t feeling well to come and pick us at bakery. We made so many rotations around the house and explored that area, reached our target on foot from Surya Bakery.

Raj and Sarathy after the adventure.
The day gave me an opportunity to experience the care, support and love of my friends. Even though it’s a great struggle they hadn’t showed it on their faces and in addition they tried to change my mood by cracking jokes and teasing me as usual, They both made that day wonderful and memorable
Am thankful to God for gifting me such friends….


  1. Smitha and Raj - It was a wonderful moments that we were spent in Blore as per above post. We enjoyed together by kidding each others and need to wait a long period to repeat.

  2. It was so Good....
    Njoyed the day..Lets check the same for 2010 on the same date... Try it out :)If possi,will make it.
    Smitha this time no auto plzzz...Call Taxi :)
    haha... KarodPatni banke aavo is baar :)kidding