Wednesday, October 14, 2009

July 19th,2009---Adventure to Surya Bakery

I was in India on that day, that too in Bangalore. Actually I went to Hosur to see our house once as we have to get a new tenant. I spent 18th in Hosur and as per my plan I have to meet my two friends in Bangalore on 19th. Fortunately I wasn’t lonely on my journey to Bangalore as Sarathy came to Hosur and both of us reached Majestic Bus station at correct time and waited more than one hour for Rajkumar. After RajKumar came we had our very bad breakfast but we enjoyed it with our talks and laughs.

I have to deliver one parcel to my sister’s friend house so that it will reach her in Connecticut. Even though am not clear about the address, accepted the task keeping the support of my two friends in mind. Discussed the same with both of them and found out that none of us know that place. We had taken a prepaid auto to “VIDYARANYAPURA” travelled for more than 1 hr to reach that area. There started our struggle and difficulty to trace the house. We weren’t that lucky that day, my sis’s friend is not at home so her mom guided us to reach the house.We asked her the land mark she told us to reach SURYA BAKERY!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to reach that bakery??????????? No body knows that bakery. Auto guy tired with our search and shouted at us to get down, am totally disturbed as my two friends are also suffering because of me. I given up completely and decided to courier it and go back.But they didn't gave up. We reached Surya Bakery with a great pain and auto vala left us to our fate. I called my sis’s friend mom many times and even she was worried but she wasn’t feeling well to come and pick us at bakery. We made so many rotations around the house and explored that area, reached our target on foot from Surya Bakery.

Raj and Sarathy after the adventure.
The day gave me an opportunity to experience the care, support and love of my friends. Even though it’s a great struggle they hadn’t showed it on their faces and in addition they tried to change my mood by cracking jokes and teasing me as usual, They both made that day wonderful and memorable
Am thankful to God for gifting me such friends….

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Away from my blog

It's long time back i came up with a post in my blog.In June we (me and Sai) left for India all the sudden.we went for a good occasion but it turned out to be a sad trip.Started to attend my DH's niece marriage but my father-in-law expired.He has given us enough time to accept the fact that cancer affected him but we hadn't expected his departure this early.We went to Varanasi and completed the rituals.

I attended an interview before leaving for India and failed to join because of my long trip.After coming here I was shocked to see my house so dirty as am not there for 2 complete months and started cleaning room by room. Meanwhile a club started for ladies of ALVA(DH's Company) and I am taking some active part as a secretary. Every thing turned so fast and i missed my chweet blog in this busy.

Don't want to stay away will keep blogging regularly.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Portal for Public Grievances

Recently a mail lodged in my Inbox saying that India has an online grievance forum @ , Government wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials and various public service departments.
Can you imagine this happening in India, many of us say that these things wont work.But the mail included one recent quick response against a registered concern.
So use this grievance forum and educate others who don't know about this facility. This way we can at least raise our concerns instead of just talking about the 'System' in India . Invite your friends to contribute for many such happenings.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Male Role Model

Am Dad’s girl and he is my first male role model. I hardly remember my LKG days, I used to cry a lot to go to school, he struggled almost a year to send me school. I received a strong slap from my dad when I was in my 5th class for not paying attention to his grammar lessons. Once I met with a minor accident riding ma bicycle, the people around are telling the scooterist whom I dashed that it is not his mistake he can go but he did not instead he walked towards me to help, He is my dad…..ha ha…My mom used to ask me after every exam about my expectations but my dad never asked me as he used to assess me based on my work before and my face after. He used to create and settle our small and silly quarrels between me and Ramya (my sis).He used to work on my debates, elocution, essay writings & science projects. He supported me and guided me when am growing, when he asked my interest in getting engaged to Srinu (my hubby) I was so shocked and did not answer him. He understood my smiles.

Oopsy!!! I can write pages about our moments….simply He guides me towards rewarding and healthy life. He understands and supports me well. He respects me.

The Aakasamantha Telugu movie inspired me to write, the below song is well pictured to show dads and daughters…….

I got the summary of this film in brief from Joe Kelly's book "Dads & Daughters"::“Perhaps every father should be issued a football mouth guard when his daughter is born, since he's liable to spend the next few decades biting his tongue.”

Dad, as a daughter I might have given you many shocks!!!!
I love you.Even though we are miles apart am with you alwayzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eat - Stay Slim and Healthy!!!!

When I arrived first at Thailand, I thought seeing these slim people “oh!!!!! may be these people wont eat at all.” It’s entirely opposite, the people here eat all the day, off course they have 3 main meals per day but they munch all the day in between the main meal. They have a phrase “gin len” which means “play eating”. It seems they eat for Socialization rather to fulfill their hunger. Snacking is observed almost all the day.You will find many eat outs and takeaways here, as it costs less many won’t cook at home. They eat even fried food and many varieties of non veg but still they won’t attain fat.

This is may be because::

1. Genetically they are slim
2. Their systematic timings ---They will pick some take away on the way to office and breakfast will be at 8 in the morning, 12 noon sharp they will go to lunch no matter What ever work they are doing they will leave it on the way and between 6 to 6:30pm they will have dinner and they wont take heavy food after .
3. Even many dishes include noodles in hot soup and even they take soups with other rice dishes (Tom Yum soup is famous) and their food includes many herb s which helps in good digestion.
Some where I heard “eat more and stay slim and healthy” .Thais prove this.

Cant say they are fit because of only above points but we have to adopt their systematic timings for good health. (Can we??).What do you say!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

IPL -- The New Revolution

Hot discussion of this year after recession and elections is IPL

Many are in an opinion that it is money minting method and profit oriented, further I heard, it is a big business to invest at the lower levels as cricket anywhere can fetch good returns and it is not a new formula.

I accept but in an other way

It ushered new revolution in cricket changing the rules of the game once and for all. This concept helped the domestic cricket structure.
Mixing of international players in various teams gave good opportunity to our upcoming players. It is difficult to get in to top 11 who represent India but now it gave good international exposure to many talented youngsters from small towns. It gave a chance to establish them before billion strong audiences.
Youngsters can dream of becoming cricketers and securing their future financially as well as the money flowing in to this is huge and parents can think of cricket as a genuine career option for their children.

Mr.Lalit Modi proved his billion dollar brain. Hope it will boost cricket at grassroots level in India.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Wonderful responsibility---My Boy

I have been tagged by my little sister to come up with five things I love about being a mom.Thanks dear.

I love being a mom because:

☺I got moments to experience the wonder of God through my little one.
☺It is a wonderful responsibility.
☺Life got a great meaning after him.
☺I got a lovely little best friend.
☺Gives me new challenges and keeps me young and active.
More over being a mom I understood my mom fully.LOVE YOU MOM.

I can’t restrict my self now to the above with out writing about my boy :

You have heard about Speed Reading in communication skills but I developed speed listening after him, speaks a lot (24/7) and in hurry and bigger volume!!!
I saw many advertisements suggesting energy boosters for kids; feel I need such health drinks, off course many moms……..His energy never exhausts!!!
He advises me googling for variety recipes, Certifies my cooking skills. I get many lovely hugs and kisses for his every favorite dish I prepare.
He loves reading, solving puzzles, cross words which gives me challenges to find new books and CDs for his level.
He has his "big please" s turning my "big No" s to yes many times with his heart stealing smiles and expressions (mainly playing with water).
He says I am a grown up kid!!! And I realized that when he prepared a card in connection to Parent appreciation week at school. It says:
“Thank you Mom and Dad for being nice to me.Thank you for buying me play station for my last birthday. Love you….your son Saisaketh”
Its amazing how these seven years turned quickly with him, he will celebrate his 7th birthday in this coming May. What ever prospective way he chooses I always pray God and try to shape him ---Good Human.